About Us

The EaselAir was built from the ground up as a revolutionary new design for plein-air and studio use. It is only half the weight of comparable box French easels, and light weight was a driving force in the design. The design also takes into account functionality, ergonomics, and uniqueness.
Steve Kaminski , creator and co-designer of the EaselAir, was dedicated to the idea that we could succeed in producing a light weight but sturdy Easel. He wanted the EaselAir to be the perfect Plein-Air Easel and to deliver a comfortable studio experience. Steve is an accomplished artist that attended Art Center College of Design and has 50 years of experience in designing products. Visit Steve’s web site to learn more about Steve and see some of his work.
Michael Sessa, co-designer and manufacturer of the EaselAir, has 35 years of experience in design and production of precision metal products. The EaselAir is produced using the most up-to-date and efficient methods at Sessa Mfg's 15,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Ventura, California. We are proud of the fact that the EaselAir is made in the USA and will continue doing so. Visit Sessa Mfg's web site to learn more about Michael and his fabrication facility.